Proof of a Break

August 16, 2008 at 5:05 AM (Happenings) ()

I should probably make a couple notes about my vacation, so that when I’m pulling my hair out four months from now, I can look back at this and remind myself that yes, I did catch a break this year.

My family and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas, which was lovely:

On Monday night, I almost went into cardiac arrest from laughing for almost 45 minutes straight.  I can’t remember the name of the comedian, but he was hysterical.  I’ll look him up later.

On Tuesday, I gallivanted about Nassau, following a ginger and lime scrub and a glorious full-body massage.  Not only did I receive some new earrings (14K white gold classy dangles) and meet the aforementioned comedian at Starbucks, but I received some high quality service from the locals.  I fielded a marriage proposal from one chap, and as an official checked my ID as I left the island, he asked if I was a model.  To that I responded, “I’m too short.”

“It don’t matter: you’re beautiful, anyway!”

Well, shucks, I couldn’t help but beam.

On Wednesday, I got about 75% of my Caribbean sun exposure on the cruiseline’s private island.  I also got my one work-out, zipping around on a jetski in the early afternoon.  Later on, I enjoyed a facial, during which I fell asleep.  I suppose I had a busy day.  For dinner, our wait staff surprised me with a serenade of my favourite song, “Happy Birthday.”  Talk about shock.  I sat there staring at my (two!!) desserts dumbfounded – and probably beat-red – for a good two minutes.  In case you were wondering, they were both delicious.

On Thursday, Key West was our port of call.  It’s an interesting place, but I think I’d prefer to visit with friends over family.  Mom and I had scheduled an excursion for 11.00AM, which was canceled due to insufficient interest.  This would have been fine, had they notified us.  Oh well.  I got over it quickly enough, but Mom was seething for a while.  We ended up doing a shopping tour, and managed to find some cool stuff, including Mad Hatter (didn’t buy anything, but picked up a card), and a Coach Factory outlet (we didn’t buy out the place, but we thought about it).  I also found a gallery of some great artwork, much of it marine/nature-influenced.  Again, the name of the artist escapes me, but we picked up a card.  Supposedly there’s a gallery a bit closer to home.  I’ll have to look into that.

On another note, I almost completely forgot about my massage on Tuesday: my jetski experience has left my upper body in agony.  Even schlepping my carry-on backpack through the airport proved a painful challenge.  I’ve been stretching every so often in hopes of loosening things up, but the results have been meager.  Granted, it was totally worth it.  I have always loved doing things involving speed (in a drug-free way, of course) – rollercoasters, skiing, motorcycles, horseback riding, boating, etc. – and I haven’t had a fix recently.  I guess I’ll just consider the soreness a friendly reminder of the fun I had while I was away.


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