Potentially Forced into Early Graduation . . . Curses.

October 27, 2008 at 6:05 PM (Happenings) (, )

Yesterday morning, registration for spring courses opened up for seniors.  To prevent a total system overload, students register in appointed blocks.  Appointment times are determined by the last number of each student’s ID number.  This coming semester left me with the short straw: I was in the penultimate registration block for seniors.

Last week I had the opportunity to plan out my spring schedule.  That is, I went through the online course catalogue, and chose some classes that I’d be interested in taking next semester.  Putting courses in the planner does not guarantee one’s seat in a class when registration opens, but it does allow for one to put together mock-ups of schedules so that when registration does open, ideally one already knows what courses to add.  I was pretty happy about the courses in my planner: advanced writing for PR, community relations, new media and PR (with one of my favourite professors/my advisor), and perhaps a drawing class (because I can).  The nice thing about having finished all of my graduation requirements early meant that I could take whatever I wanted during my last semester.  I had a great schedule in mind, too: classes on Tuesday and Thursday only, which would give me time to either get an internship or a part-time job in PR that could turn into a full-time position in May.  Admittedly, the option of four-day weekends was pretty enticing, too.

Ten minutes before my 11.30 appointment, I excused myself from practise and went up to the studio office to register.  Earlier that morning, I saw that one of my classes had filled up, but I wasn’t too worried.  I started to stress when I remembered how slow the studio connection was.  At 11.28, I was just logging on to the registration site.  To my horror, at 11.30, ALL of the PR classes I wanted to take were full. The drawing class was still open.  After cursing at the top of my lungs, I tore through the course catalogue, looking for anything that looked remotely interesting.  My internal monologue as I did so went something like this:

“Took it . . . class full . . . took it . . . took it . . . advertising . . . took it . . . advertising . . . took it . . . not relevant . . . took it . . . advertising . . . took it . . . advertising . . . don’t know what that is . . . advertising . . . advertising . . . advertising . . . advertising . . . took it . . . class full . . . took it . . . not interested . . . took it . . . class full . . . advertising . . . advertising . . . advertising . . . advertising . . . not relevant . . . class full . . . grad course . . . grad course . . . grad course . . . grad course . . . grad course . . . ”

I ended up taking a “not relevant,” “don’t know what that is,” the drawing course, and an English class.  I may have been interested in some of the advertising courses, but I couldn’t take any of them without having taken the intro to advertising course, first.  Had I not been so wrapped up in getting my graduation requirements out of the way, I may have taken the ad course a semester or two ago.  I had heard countless stories of people who did not get their requirements out of the way until senior year, only to discover that they were locked out of those classes and therefore could not graduate in four years.  It wasn’t fair: I was responsible and got all of my requirements out of the way.  This semester was supposed to be my reward finishing early.  Why was I settling for courses just for the sake of taking more courses?  Was it really worth the tuition?  I thought about it for a few minutes, then decided that maybe I would graduate early, after all.

I E-mailed the new media & PR professor for his two cents, and his potential ability to influence the situation.  He responded this morning to let me know that although all the undergrad seats were full for his course, there were a couple left for graduate students, and he would see if he could open up one of those seats for me. 

Oh, dear advisor, if you can get me into that class, I will be there at 9.30 every Tuesday and Thursday morning with a smile on my face and a cup of coffee in my hand, ready to learn!

I’m supposed to E-mail him later today to find out what the story is, and of course I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  If I can get into that class, it will be much easier to justify another semester.  If not, I may be looking for a job this December.  Wish me luck, either way.  My resume is available upon request.

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