‘Twas the Night Before Christmas . . .

December 25, 2008 at 1:20 AM (Happenings)

. . . And as our blogger wrapped her final Christmas gift, she decided to ramble online for a little bit before baking Mr. Kringle’s favourite Pilsbury chocolate chunk cookies.

Whoever claimed that the holiday shopping rush tapered off after mid-December this year clearly has never been to Wal-Mart or TJ Maxx.

My God.

I didn’t even venture into these stores: the parking lots alone could have passed for Satan’s gauntlets.  Wal-Mart was particularly vicious: it took my mother and I 45 minutes to get from the plaza’s lot to the street.  Luckily, our Christmas Eve Day agenda wasn’t SO jam-packed that the wait cost us much extra productivity.

I’m not used to getting home for Christmas so close to the 25th.  Typically I’m back with up to a week to get into the spirit, but due to inclement weather and scheduling conflicts, I didn’t walk through the door until after 6.30 on the eve of Christmas Eve.

On the bright side, part of that had to do with my being able to visit my grandfather on the way home.  He’s out of the hospital and into physical therapy, and he looks infinitely better than he did when I last saw him on Thanksgiving.  He was thrilled to see me, which made my day.  I’m so glad that he’s getting healthier and happier, and I’m sure that being with his family tomorrow will be the highlight of everyone’s day.

. . . And on that note, although I’ve wrapped all of MY Christmas gifts, it looks like my dad hasn’t.  Guess who’s on Santa’s Helper Duty.

A warm, safe, and merry Christmas to all!

Tonight’s Tunes
“Ya Me Voy,” Ceci Bastida
“We’ll MeetAgain,” Vera Lynn
“Sparks,” Coldplay
“Peroxide Swing,” Michael Bublé
“Less Talk More Rokk (Guitar Hero 2 Mix),” Freezepop
“Got to Get You Into My Life,” The Beatles
“Get Down On It,” Kool & The Gang


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