Inauguration ’09

January 20, 2009 at 9:08 PM (Happenings) (, )

Yep, I’m jumping on the bandwagon (it’s a fun ride every now and then).  I actually had no intention of watching the inauguration today.  For whatever reason, politics has never been a strong interest of mine.  I’ve been roped into it this year, though, and under less conventional circumstances.

It started in my New Media & PR class, where we were discussing Twitter.  Being the social media tool based on instant updates that it is, it seemed only natural for our professor to use inauguration tweets as examples.  Following New Media & PR, I was presented with Inaugurationmania in a less likely form: in Pop Music: The Beatles.  Our British professor cut class early to let us catch the action online (or try to: CNN, Fox, and NBC’s sites were choking; Hulu hiccupped often).

By the time I got out of class, I was eager to get home and turn on the telly, and it has remained on since I walked through the door.  It’s truly encouraging to see and hear the enthusiasm of millions of citizens not only in D. C., but in Boston, and across the country (courtesy of Twitter).  God bless America.

Today’s Distraction
Inauguration 2009


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