Instant Messaging ≠ Instant Dating

February 27, 2009 at 3:17 PM (Happenings, Musings) (, , )

When did I miss the train?  When did conversations check out in favour of texts, IMs and Facebook wall posts?  Admittedly, I’ve realised that people prefer to spend 15 minutes texting each other trying to decide when and where to meet up for lunch over actually picking up the phone and achieving the same end result in 15 seconds.  I know that Twitter playfully challenges members to say anything in 140 characters or fewer.  And an instant message is so delightfully noncommittal compared to making another phone call.  Come on, how often have you had the following exchange over some chat medium?

You: hey whats ^?
Them: nm u?
You: same lol…tryin to figure out what im doing friday
Them: omg!!  that reminds me of sumthing i wanted to tell u!
Them: i met this guy last nite.  we were at this party
You: h/o, i have to go get laundry, but keep talking, i’ll brb

You haven’t even looked at your laundry basket today, and you have no intention of addressing it in the near future, either.  It’s a convenient excuse to get away from the computer, though.

Three hours later
Them: and he finally txted me like 20min ago and we’re hanging out friday!! 🙂
Them: where did u go??
You: hey sorry, got distracted, mom called
You: thats awesome tho, yay for u!
Them: lol i kno, rite??

For all your mother knows, you have run away to Mexico, begun trafficking drugs and joined the mafia: she hasn’t heard from you in three months.  But, you didn’t have to sit through your friend’s riveting story, and she wasn’t offended because you decided to ignore her as she typed “lol” and “omg” incessently for three hours.

I’ve come to terms with that.  Instant messaging has its place between friends.  What threw me for a small loop, I guess, was when someone I barely knew selected it as the weapon of choice in the courting arena.

Once upon a time, our blogger sat herself down at a hotel bar sporting her faithful little black dress and a killer pair of legs.  Small wonder that she attracted some attention.  It was a delightfully traditional exchange: boy meets girl, girl judges that boy isn’t utter scumbag, girl gives boy number.  Both parties agree to potentially meet the following evening if boy is still in town.

Since then, I have all but forgotten how this gentleman’s voice sounds.  I’ve received some text messages, and I’ve even been poked on Facebook (the most ambiguous form of “communication” ever).  No phone calls.  I should have given him my screen name over my number: at least receiving messages through AIM is free.

If I’m not mistaken, this chap said that he’d be back in Beantown in a few weeks.  Not to issue a challenge or anything (okay, I’m absolutely issuing a challenge), but I may be more inclined to clear my schedule in favour of a meet-up if my phone rings.

Today’s Tunes
“I’m Yours,” Jason Mraz
“Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours,” Stevie Wonder
“You’re the Boss,” The Brian Setzer Orchestra
“Changes,” David Bowie
“At Last,” Lou Rawls & Dianne Reeves
“Amazing,” George Michael
“Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy,” Queen
“Homecoming,” Kanye West feat. Chris Martin
“I Need Love,” Robin Thicke

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