March 2, 2009 at 5:00 PM (Goals, Personal Reference) (, )

I promise to write about PRAdvanced 2009 tonight when I get back from work (it’s going to take me a while to cover everything).  In the meantime, I’d just like to share my Twitter and Facebook grades, courtesy of, a delightful tool from HubSpot (B2B inbound marketing software).  Grader evaluates the marketing effectiveness of webpages and press releases as well as the influence of one’s Twitter and Facebook personal and business pages.

I’ll elaborate later (after writing about PRAdvanced!), but I’ll quickly share my scores: Twitter scored a 92/100, and Facebook scored a 94/100.  I’m going to target achieving 99/100 on each by the end of the month.

Off to work!

Today’s Tunes
“My Doorbell,” The White Stripes
“Piano Man,” Billy Joel
“If I Fell,” Across the Universe


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  1. PR Advanced, 2009, Part 2 « And Here, We Have My Musings said,

    […] Social media is the digital cocktail party.  We still network through the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  The only difference is that now we don’t have to shower beforehand (don’t get me wrong though: I am still an avid supporter of personal hygiene).  Use keyword searches to build your network online, get seen by engaging famous people online (like how I engaged Mike Volpe on Twitter* right after the conference – like so many others, I’m sure – AND he responded!), and promote your company’s content.  It was during this part of the presentation that learned of the delightful HubSpot tool known as, which measures “all that matters in inbound mareting.”  I briefly wrote about it earlier this month when I shared my Facebook and Twitter scores. […]

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