She Shoots, She Misses . . . Score!

March 21, 2009 at 3:23 AM (Happenings, work) (, , )

Today I interviewed with Nestlé for a sales position.  Four hours later I received a phone call: “unfortunately,” I was not selected for the second round of interviews.  I was relieved.

Nestlé, although at a glance may have looked like an opportunity for me to work for Candyland, had no interest in PR majors.  The only interest that corporate giant had was in sales representatives.

For every geographic region in the country.

That’s right, readers: our poor blogger, had Nestlé deemed her worthy of sales, would have been mercilessly uprooted from her recently developed Boston nest and dropped anywhere between Seattle and Miami.  Recognising that I may not have any other options, I still went to the interview.  After all, something better can always turn up later, right?

Two recruiters sat me down in a small room with no windows and proceeded to subject me to the third degree.  “Why Nestlé?”  “Why sales?  You’re in PR, not sales.”  “What leadership experience do you have that’s not on your résumé?”  “What makes you so special that we should bother calling you?”  And then they dropped the bomb:

“Give me two of your strengths and two of your weaknesses.”

Ladies and gentleman, I despise that question and all its variants.  Every professor at BU from whom I’ve ever had the priviledge of learning has condemned that question to its very own circle of Hell.  Why spend time worrying about my weaknesses?  Why admit my weaknesses?  I’m trying to pitch myself as the perfect candidate.  The last thing I want to do is tell you why you wouldn’t want to hire me.  But I digress.

Perhaps they read it in my face and decided to drop me from the list of possibilities right there, because it was certainly the final straw for me.  I answered politely and finished the interview as best as a PR major could when applying for a sales job (after all, an interview is an interview is an interview, and I need all the practise I can get), but I left not much caring whether I received a phone call or not.

I didn’t consider the interview a waste of my time.  I went to Nestlé’s table during yesterday’s job fair having no expectations for finding a job there that suited me, and I certainly didn’t expect to score a job interview for the sales position.  Better that I brush up on my interview skills with a job that I don’t crave, rather than to blow it on my dream job right away.  If nothing else, I’ll chalk it up to experience, and another lesson learned.  Although, I could have done without dropping $7.00 on cab fare in order to get to the interview on time.

Tonight’s Tunes
“Super Mario Bros 2,” Minibosses
“It’s Sunday,” Frank Sinatra
“Trouble,” Coldplay
“When the Wind Was Green,” Frank Sinatra
“Breakfast At Tiffany’s,” Deep Blue Something
“Something,” Across the Universe


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