Rule #2 of North End Dining: Reservations Have No Value

March 27, 2009 at 11:53 PM (Happenings) (, , , , , , )

To start from the beginning of my North End culinary adventure, begin with Rule #1: Don’t Drive.

While I waited for my parents to find their way back to Francesca, I dashed inside to ask the hostess not to release our reservation: we were “there,” just unable to park.  She seemed unconcerned, so I shrugged to myself and headed back outside.  When I returned with my parents five minutes later, I soon realised why my reassurance had such a non-effect on our hostess: apparently, even if a party makes a reservation, said party may still have a 10- to 15-minute wait before being seated.

As we were herded to the bar to wait, which was packed, I glanced over at my dad, dreading the fumes coming out of his ears.  Although normal human beings would have just seen a displeased man, my Daughter Senses were far past tingling: those fumes were fast, furious, and for all I knew, noxious.

Tonight’s Tunes
“Dreaming of You,” The Coral
“Soul Sauce,” Cal Tjader
“The Crunge,” Led Zeppelin
“To Be a Lover,” Billy Idol


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