Checking Out Boston Gigs: Love In Stockholm

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In the last four years that I’ve spent in Boston, I’ve crossed paths with many musicians.  As a freshman, I took a voice class and befriended a saxophonist, Dave. My part-time job, which I’ve held for nearly two years, is buried within the Berklee College of Music.  If I had a dollar for every musician with whom I’ve worked, paying for BU would – okay, it would still be a beast, but it would be a slightly less terrifying beast.  On top of that, the coffee shop I’ve been visiting regularly for the last four years has its own repertoire of performing artists.  Needless to say, I’m pretty insecure about my own musical abilities when I’m surrounded by all this talent, but this is beside my point.  Given all the time I’ve spent in Boston, surrounded by musically gifted acquaintances, I have not once taken advantage of the live music that, in some cases, has been beckoning me since December 2005.

As you may recall from an earlier post, the tragic passing of Tori Rubino has reminded me that we are not guaranteed any number of years in our lives.  Yet, I still had not taken it upon myself to see any of my friends’ gigs.  Countless event invites flooded my Facebook account, and I always had an excuse to not go: I had dance practise, I wasn’t feeling well, I had a project due, the weather was lousy, I had to wash my hair, and so on and so forth.

Suddenly I was angry with myself.  Wasn’t I just complaining last September about my friends never coming to support me at my dance events?  One thing that I dislike more than hypocrites is realising that I am a hypocrite.

Last Friday, I was killing time at my favourite coffee shop across the street.  Danny was busy behind the bar when I remembered that his roommate happened to be my friendly acquaintance Dave from the voice class back in freshman year.  After our class ended and Dave and I became official friends, courtesy of Facebook, I had received countless invites to performances by his band, Love In Stockholm, all of which I politely declined. Love In Stockholm Flier Eventually, I’d stopped receiving invites.  Determined to take real steps toward supporting my performing arts enthusiasts, I asked Danny when Love In Stockholm was next performing.

“Dude, you should check them out tonight!  They’re playing at Harper’s Ferry at 11.15,” he grinned as he handed a quarter-page flier to me from behind the bar (did I mention he’s also the group’s manager?).  Nothing like instant opportunity to test out my resolve, right?  I had some homework to do, but I decided that I could afford to spend a few hours and dollars on a trek out to Harper’s Ferry: after all, it was only down the street, and it had been a while since I’d bumped into Dave.

A few hours later, a friend and I made our way out to Harper’s Ferry: I to finally support my former classmate, and she to get some material for a journalism project.  Having never been to Harper’s Ferry, the first thing I noticed was that I was overdressed: apparently, blazers with jeans were overkill.  Luckily, having spent a few years learning how to primp and preen in ballroom had taught me that overdressing was not a sin – as a matter of fact, I typically enjoy it.  After employing Mr. Adams at the bar to accompany me that evening, my friend and I settled against the wall next to the stage to observe what interested us: I kept an eye out for Dave, who was unaware of my evening plans, and my friend started jotting down every detail she could about our environment.

Once the penultimate group (whose name escapes me) finished up, I caught sight of Dave as he walked onto the stage to set up for his band’s set.  I shouted at him, but didn’t grab his attention right away.  I ran up to the stage and tried again.  Being about three feet away, I was successful after my second attempt:


Suddenly I felt pretty cool having gotten one of the band members so thrilled to see me.  Dave couldn’t socialise for long, having slightly more important things to do (like, setting up the stage for his performance in 20 minutes – small details), but I was glad that I’d managed to catch him before Love In Stockholm kicked off their set.

By midnight, I was kicking myself for not having checked out this group sooner: they were an electrifying blend of funk and rock, and I loved it – along with the rest of Harper’s Ferry.  Although the bands preceding them were good, it was clear that Love In Stockholm was the featured performance of the evening, and rightfully so.  Seven musicians, all of whom I think only recently graduated from BU, filled the perhaps 2/5-occupied venue with a funk energy that captivated each person in attendance.  By the end of their set, I could only think of how frustrated I was for not having exposed myself to such grooves sooner.

I managed to grab Dave again for a few minutes after the performance to congratulate him and to share my above-mentioned sentiments.  “Don’t worry,” he assured me after I apologised for missing so many of his earlier shows, “we sucked back then!  You came out to see us at the perfect time!”  I breathed a small sigh of relief, and Dave continued: “So, we have to get you up here [onstage] with us some time!”

My heart just about stopped: I had forgotten that I had originally met Dave in a voice class.  I can only hope he was joking.

Tonight’s Tunes
“Brain Damage,” Pink Floyd
“Eclipse,” Pink Floyd
“Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V),” Pink Floyd
“Welcome to the Machine,” Pink Floyd
“Have a Cigar,” Pink Floyd
“Wish You Were Here,” Pink Floyd
“Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI-IX),” Pink Floyd
“Dogs,” Pink Floyd
“Pigs (Three Different Ones),” Pink Floyd
“Sheep,” Pink Floyd
“Pigs On The Wing (Part Two),” Pink Floyd
“One of These Days,” Pink Floyd
“A Pillow of Winds,” Pink Floyd
“Fearless,” Pink Floyd
“Seamus,” Pink Floyd
“Echoes,” Pink Floyd

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