Checking Out Boston Gigs: Eclipse (Getting There, Or Part I)

April 13, 2009 at 10:10 PM (Friends, Happenings) (, , , )

Copied from 9.59 A.M., April 11, 2009

Last night I ventured out once again to support Boston’s local musical talent.  I mentioned earlier that my friend Nez was in a couple bands: WhiteShoeBrownShoe, which I checked out a little over a week ago, and Eclipse, a Pink Floyd tribute band based out of Berklee College of Music.  Last night’s headliner was the latter.  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Eclipse before – the night after I saw WSBS, actually – but I never got around to blogging about it (sorry, Nez).

Yet again, I had pulled a double-shift the day of the gig, and was seriously reconsidering my evening plans: Eclipse wasn’t scheduled to play until 11.00, and I had a 10.05 flight to Pittsburgh the following morning for which I had yet to pack (and yes, for those of you who are curious, I am drafting this post on the plane now).  Plus the T stopped running at 12.30, so I’d have to grab a cab if I didn’t want to walk home . . .

Wait.  I forgot that I can realistically walk home if I want!  God bless Fenway.

Remembering that handy factoid was reassuring, but I knew, not too far in the back of my mind, that I’d be going even if I had a 6.00 flight the next morning: not only was Eclipse totally worth the night out last time, but this time, I had invited friends out.  I was locked.

Ah, the joys of social commitments.

But seriously, I was stoked.  Who needs sleep, anyway?

I had my evening all planned out: I would finish work by 9.30, sprint home, shower and be out the door by 10.15 (Yes, despite being  female, I can shower in 10 minutes.  Stop looking so stunned.) to meet my friends at Cask ‘N Flagon by 10.45.  At 11.00, rocking out would commence.  By 12.30 or so, I’d trudge home to get a few hours of sleep before packing off to Pittsburgh.  And by “packing off,” I mean “starting to pack, then actually packing off.”  it was going to be a good night.

We didn’t finish up at work until after 9.45.  And during my second shift, it had started to rain.

Fan.  Flipping.  Tastic.

It’s okay.  I’m in PR.  I’m used to situations not playing out like they’re supposed to.  I can adapt to this.

Yeah, right.  You think my brain works that way after I’ve been making coffee for 13 hours?  I was stressing out a little bit.  I’m only human, folks.  I didn’t even know where exactly Cask ‘N Flagon was: I just knew it was “in Fenway somewhere.”

Somehow, I managed to shower, dress and Google Map my destination, and run out the door by 10.22.  Okay, so maybe I’m only human, but I do occasionally perform miracles.  Deeg was already there; Tim was en route from downtown.  After waiting for what felt like a rainy eternity, but was probably no more than 10 minutes, an inbound T arrived, and I was on my way.

Today’s Distractions
U.S. Airways flight attendants.  God they’re cranky.
U.S. Airways emergency procedures
Take-off!  I can’t wait to enjoy the bird’s eye view of Boston.
The clouds that are blocking my would-be awesome view of Boston.  Bah.
Turbulence – I am suddenly reminded of the latte I chugged not an hour ago.
My ears that have just popped.
My pen exploded.  My fingers are blue.
The landscape of some state between MA and PA

Today’s Tunes
Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd


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