Checking Out Boston Gigs: Eclipse (Meeting Some Of the Band, Or Part II)

April 14, 2009 at 4:02 AM (Friends, Happenings) (, , , )

Copied from 10.57 A.M., April 11, 2009

(What on Earth am I talking about?)

Walking in the rain for 10 minutes to the Eclipse gig (See: Pink Floyd tribute from Berklee College of Music) from Kenmore’s T station made me glad of three things: 1.) I hadn’t bothered to style my hair, 2.) I had bothered to find my rain boots, and 3.) I really don’t mind walking in the rain when the precipitation isn’t so cold that I wonder if God is in cahoots with the Abominable Snowman.  As I walked though, I couldn’t help but pray that my recently developed sense of direction (which I attribute to living in Boston) wouldn’t fail me.  Don’t get me wrong: any other day, I would be happy to wander aimlessly through Fenway in the rain, but last night I had people to meet and music to experience.

Luckily my prayers were answered quickly: not only was Cask ‘N Flagon right across the bridge, but Nez was outside having a smoke.  Not only was I thrilled to see him, but now I was saved the mild unease of wandering through yet another foreign venue in search of a familiar face.  Shortly after exchanging hellos, I learned that my Power Prep had been totally unnecessary:

“So we aren’t playing at 11.00 after all . . . “

My insides deflated.  Eclipse was originally supposed to play at midnight, which, even on a regular night, is upsettingly past my bedtime (and I know Nez wasn’t thrilled, either).  The morning of the gig, I was thrilled to discover via Facebook that Eclipse had been pushed to 11.00.  I’d still be out past my bedtime, but less substantially.  No longer.  Drat.  And here I’d barely bothered to brush my hair in fear of missing “Shine On You Crazy Diamond.”

Oh well!

Nez introduced me to a couple of his bandmates who were with him, Mike (guitar) and J.C. (keys/ samples).  J.C. and I got to talking and eventually began describing our hometowns (both of us used the terms “small,” “predominantly white,” and “conservative”).  When I mentioned my town’s name, Mike jumped in:

“Wait, [Small Town]?”

“Yeah . . . in [my state].”  It’s relevant to note that my hometown shares a name with a region of Greater Boston.

“[SMALL Town]?”

” . . . [MY state]!”

Repeat one or two more times with slight variation, until . . .

“Yes, I know [my state]: I lived five minutes away from you.”

There is a moment of shock and disbelief on my end.  My next question was obvious, so Mike saved me the breath: “Have you every heard of [Another Small Town]?”

Heard of it?  Almost half of my extended family lives there.  My suave, sophisticated response?


I have never considered Greek life, but at that moment, I wonder if I experienced the equivalent of discovering a Greek brother or sister in an obscure setting.  In order to understand the unlikelihood of the situation, consider this: my hometown holds fewer than 2,000 people, and I personally knew less than a handful.  I went to private schools outside of my region, so all of my classmates were geographically distant from me outside of classes.  My high school was two-thirds boarding.  I knew no one from my town, and one person in my year from Mike’s town.  Meeting Mike at this gig was about as probable as meeting someone from BU while away on vacation in Spain: possible, but highly unlikely.

While we reminisced about the wonders, or lack thereof, of our respective small towns, Nez excused himself, Tim showed up after a long day of surviving the work force demanding a drink, and Deeg texted me from inside asking where I was.  Oh, and it was still raining.  I took my cue to head inside.

Today’s Tunes
Dark Side Of the Moon, Pink Floyd
“Another Brick In the Wall (Part 2),” Pink Floyd
“Echoes,” Pink Floyd

Today’s Distractions
Captain’s announcement: we’re landing.
Pittsburgh: I can see it!
“Please turn off all electronic devices.”  Good bye, Tunes.


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