Perhaps a Possibility of Something Potentially Happening

April 23, 2009 at 1:59 AM (Dance, Happenings) (, , , , )

In my efforts to act like a somewhat mature adult and keep my priorities in line, I’ve taken a hiatus from dancing until I’ve scored a sweet job that will [more] easily pay for it (for those of you who have any interest in tracking my professional progress and musings, toodle over to my other blog: The Adventures of Corporate Barbie).  I’d been handling the sacrifice pretty well so far, being so busy with the world’s worst scavenger hunt that I didn’t have too much time to think about how dance deprived I was.

As of yesterday, it’s been two months since I’ve been to Balera.  Suddenly all those urges to salsa in public (and often unfitting) places made much more sense to me.  Granted, my friends and coworkers will never hesitate to confirm that setting has never stopped me from busting a move, but the silliness I do at work isn’t the same as the groove in which I lose myself when I’m with someone on the dance floor.

Today, I caught up with Johnny, one of the co-founders and co-owners of Balera, and learned that the studio will be hosting a theatrical showcase, Balera’s Hideaway Presents “Theatre Showtime” and Speakeasy Social, this Saturday, April 25, from 6.00 P.M. to midnight.  Johnny couldn’t emphasise enough that this isn’t just any studio showcase: it is going to be a ’20s-themed theatrical production, complete with narration and vocal performances by Ron Murphy.  The show will run from 6.00 P.M. to 8.00 P.M., and if I’m not mistaken, the floor will open up for some speakeasy social dancing afterwards until the end of the night.  There will also be a buffet dinner.

And I may get to cut a little rug.  Maybe.  I’m not counting on it.  But if I go (which I will do all in my power to accomplish), I will not tolerate an evening of sitting on my decked out posterior.  So gents, grab your fedoras.  Ladies, drop your dresses’ waistlines, and knock upon the wrought iron window for a promising evening of music, dance, and generally good times.

Tonight’s Tunes
The Best of George Harrison, George Harrison


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