Friday Crimes at O’Brien’s

June 29, 2009 at 12:42 AM (Happenings)

Tonight, Friday Crimes will be performing at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston at 11.00. For those of you who were unaware, Friday Crimes is a local heavy rock and blues band.  And, they’re pretty awesome.  Check it out!  21+, $7.00 cover.

Also, check out the Friday Crimes Facebook event for a little more info.


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Today I Learned . . .

June 27, 2009 at 3:03 AM (Personal Reference) (, )

Today I learned that a beer at the end of the day may not eliminate the agony of having been on my feet for approximately 10 hours, but it sure does dull it.  Cheers.

Tonight’s Distraction
My bubbly roommate getting ready to go out. She reminds me that I am too old and crotchety to go out more than two nights a week.

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Considering a Return to the Dance Floor

June 23, 2009 at 11:30 PM (Dance, Happenings, Musings) (, , )

This weekend, I managed to escape my part-time job briefly to catch some of my friends compete at the Yankee Classic, held at the Boston Marriott Cambridge.  As some of you may recall, I used to enjoy competing myself not too long ago, but I had to take an indefinite hiatus from dancing in order to focus on more pressing matters . . . such as as graduating.  Obviously I would have loved to have stuck with the dancing, but I’ve been surviving well enough without it.  While I was excited about seeing my friends dance again, once I arrived at the competition, I was reminded of all the things I didn’t miss: fake tanning, expensive entry fees, pre-comp stress, hordes of ill-behaved children, and other less delightful aspects.  For most of Friday night, I was firmly convinced that I would never get into competitive dancing again.  Yes, I miss dancing, and I’ve been making more appearances at social venues, such as Ryles Jazz Club, Balera School of Ballroom Dance (my fantastic dance studio), and, once this rain lets up, Spice Bokx at Hotel Indigo on Monday nights.  I really haven’t been experiencing any competition longings.

That is, until late Friday night, or perhaps on Saturday night.  Seeing all of my friends celebrating their competitive and performance victories left me feeling slightly left out, and many of my acquaintances from the dance realm asked me when I would be returning to the competition circle.  I wasn’t planning on it, but I do miss wearing those pretty dresses . . .

So, here it goes: gentlemen, if you are a Standard dancer over 5’7″, and would be interested in practising and maybe competing Amateur, shoot me a message.

I’m not expecting anything any time soon, but I’ll keep you all posted.

Tonight’s Tunes
“Love of My Life,” Santana Feat. Dave Matthews
“Don’t You (Forget About Me),” Simple Minds
“Lady (Club Mix),” Modjo
“Say It Right,” Nelly Furtado
“Lebanese Blonde,” Thievery Corporation

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Boycotting Brookline Red Cab

June 23, 2009 at 3:20 PM (Happenings) (, , )

It was late.  I was tired.  I was also a river-width away from my bed, and needed a means of shortening that distance by, well, a river-width.  A friend waited with me as I stood outside the Boston Marriott Cambridge looking for a cab.  After an excruciatingly long two minutes, we finally managed to coax a cab into stopping by.  Good ole Brookline Red Cab.

To make a uninteresting story short, the driver asked me which way to go, then turned the wrong way before I could answer (and he could have waited), then when we finally arrived at my apartment, he did not stop the meter, nor did he turn on the cabin light.  In the amount it took me to find the original fare, I owed another two dollars.  Two bucks may not seem like much, but when you’re a poor recent college grad, you don’t throw cash away, and I only paid the driver the original fare.  He counted it as I was getting out of the car, and started a brief argument.  I ended up going inside with my two dollars, leaving him there shouting something unpleasant at me.

And that is why I will no longer use Brookline Red Cab.

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Back from the [Online] Dead

June 18, 2009 at 9:17 PM (Happenings)

First, I was trapped in the whirlwind known as “spring semester of senior year,” which not only included final exams and papers and coordinating graduation plans with extended family members, but also trying to find a job and apartment.  Once most of that was settled, I was whisked away to Europe to celebrate having finished college in four years, which, for some reason, my parents considered a massive accomplishment for me.  Once I made it back to Boston, I had to readjust: no longer was I enjoying life as a student in BU’s finest student housing.  Suddenly, life revolved around scoring as many hours as possible at my part-time job, unpacking in my summer sublet, not being the weakest link at my internship, finding a full-time job that has SOMETHING to do with my newly acquired, very expensive degree, and figuring out who the heck is still in Boston.

Once I squared a good amount of that away, I had no other reason to not blog, save that I’ve been lazy.  I plan on blogging again regularly as of today, though!

Since you last heard from me . . .
– I did, in fact, graduate.
– I ran away to Europe, visiting Spain, Italy and France.
– I’ve picked up an internship with a nifty public relations and social media firm in Boston.
– I’ve done very little cooking for myself.
– I began watching Friends for the first time ever (Yes.). I’ve also stopped.
– I signed up for a softball game with aforementioned PR/SM firm in July.  I haven’t picked up a bat for its intended purpose in over four years.
– I have decided that I do not NEED to find employment in Boston alone.  New York, or possibly even England or Australia, would also be acceptable (so, if anyone reading has any leads for me, by all means, please share).

My ability to write (or type, even) without much thought has also grown incredibly rusty, but with any luck that issue will right itself soon . . .

Tonight’s Tunes
“Sandstorm,” Da Rude
“Rhythm Is a Dancer,” Snap!
“Starry Eyed Surprise,” Paul Oakenfold
“They (Mix by Cut Chemist),” Jem
“D.A.N.C.E.,” Justice
“Extreme Ways,” Moby

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