Boycotting Brookline Red Cab

June 23, 2009 at 3:20 PM (Happenings) (, , )

It was late.  I was tired.  I was also a river-width away from my bed, and needed a means of shortening that distance by, well, a river-width.  A friend waited with me as I stood outside the Boston Marriott Cambridge looking for a cab.  After an excruciatingly long two minutes, we finally managed to coax a cab into stopping by.  Good ole Brookline Red Cab.

To make a uninteresting story short, the driver asked me which way to go, then turned the wrong way before I could answer (and he could have waited), then when we finally arrived at my apartment, he did not stop the meter, nor did he turn on the cabin light.  In the amount it took me to find the original fare, I owed another two dollars.  Two bucks may not seem like much, but when you’re a poor recent college grad, you don’t throw cash away, and I only paid the driver the original fare.  He counted it as I was getting out of the car, and started a brief argument.  I ended up going inside with my two dollars, leaving him there shouting something unpleasant at me.

And that is why I will no longer use Brookline Red Cab.


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