A Social Experiment

November 20, 2009 at 5:08 AM (Happenings) (, )

[Read: I Was Bored And Under the Mild Influence of Alcohol…]

Not too long ago, I blogged about being lonely in Boston because all my friends had moved away after graduation.  Two posts ago, actually.  And yes, I linked to it.  Sue me.

Very shortly after that, my roommates and I were spending a quiet evening in, enjoying some wine . . . and some more wine.  Typically when this occurs we are more easily amused than usual, and perhaps a tiny bit reckless (but never to the point of waking up the next morning severely regretting the previous evening’s activities).

For whatever reason we were discussing the Cultural Reference Guru’s boyfriend’s roommate, whom we were betting included his delightful dog in pictures for his online dating profiles (we lead very, very exciting lives).  We were all so convinced, that the only reasonable course of action would be to hunt this man down on said dating site.  While the Guru began thinking of preferences that would include the chap in search results, I decided to fill out the personality profile, just to see who would turn up.  After five minutes wasted on Likert scale questions, I thought of a better way to spend my very valuable time: answer the same questions on a site that wouldn’t ask me for money.

I had seen various adverts in MBTA stations for PlentyOfFish.com, which promises to delete users who are unfit to date.  However, like most ads wallpapering mass transit stations, I had more or less blocked it from conscious memory.  However, a month or so earlier, a friend had mentioned that she’d actually met someone interesting on the site, and that had placed it back on my radar.

That moment, there with my roommates, a little on the unrealistically boisterous side, seemed like as good a time as any to sign up:

“Whatever, I have nothing better to do!  I’m signing up!”

My other roommate, the Globetrotter, saw the potential situation I was getting myself into and reacted accordingly:

“Wait, it’s free!?  Let’s do it!”

Another ten minutes of Likert scale questions later, the Globetrotter and I were supposed to draft our profiles.  We had to pitch ourselves to the masses of eligible singles.

Slap-happy drunk.  Clearly we were making our best and brightest decisions.

Way too much time later, I had set up my profile . . . 100% free of typographical errors.

Two minutes later, I had three messages.  It must have been the marabou-trimmed pirate hat in my picture.

. . . And after glancing at the hour, you’re going to have to check back later for all the fun characters who have contacted me so far.  It’ll be a good way to kill time.  Promise.

Tonight’s Tunes
Aha Shake Heartbreak, Kings of Leon
Only By the Night, Kings of Leon


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