December 7, 2009 at 2:53 AM (Musings) (, )

I have a confession to make about working at Starbucks: when customers stand very close to the bar and look at me condescendingly whilst jabbering on their phones as I make drinks, I like to call the drinks out extra loud, just to be a pain (watching them jerk unexpectedly is my favourite).

Starbucks 755 Boylston BostonWorking at Starbucks isn’t the worst way to pay rent.  Most of my coworkers are pretty fun, and we’re blessed with a slew of awesome regulars Apple Store Boston Boylston(most of whom are from the Apple Store).  It can be stressful, though, and every now and then we get the customers who couldn’t even fathom the possibility that yes, the baristas making their double-tall half-caf 172-degree light-whip two-and-a-half-splenda skinny vanilla lattes are, in fact, human beings who merit just as much basic respect as their coworkers on the other end of their iPhones.  We have our own lives and aspirations, and we don’t particularly appreciate it when people can’t be bothered to put their friends on hold in order to fully explain what they would like to drink.

Or when they roll their eyes at us when they order a tall grande and we explain that tall and grande are two different sizes.

Or when they try to step behind the bar to get their drink because they’re in too much of a hurry for us to hand it to them.

Or answer with their drink order when we ask how they’re doing.

Or when they take money out of our tip jar when they don’t have exact change.

Like I said, most of our customers are alright.  Every now and then, though, I struggle not to say something incredibly sharp to the self-important jerks who decide to grace us with their obnoxious patronage.  So, I just make sure that when I call out drinks, the recipients will definitely be able to hear them over other people’s phone conversations.


  1. melissa said,

    “a solo espresso and a grande non-fat two splenda hot chocolate at 177 degrees and make sure that the girl at the bar pulls the solo espresso first bc i want to drink that before my hot chocolate.”

  2. paul merrill said,

    I was surfing around your site. Your resume has no name on it. Pretty basic – but you might change that.

    • Incrys said,

      Name has been added along with experience at current agency! I initially avoided using my name because once upon a time, I was afraid of being found on the Internet. It’s now turned into a desired outcome. ::grins::

      Thank you!

  3. Melody said,

    This is an interesting blog post! I tend to mostly subscribe to the customer is always right philosophy. The problem is not that there are rude customers, but rather that there are rude people everywhere. I ride a bus into downtown every day, and I’m amazed how many people think it is okay to carry on loud personal conversations on the bus!! It’s rude! The problem of rudeness is not limited to Starbucks!

    Also just remember that the customer who is rude one day, might be wonderful the next. I’m an eternal optimist.

    The tip jar comment drives me crazy. The couple of times I’ve seen people grab from the tip jar, I nearly want to slap their hands! It should be obvious it’s a tip jar, and it shocks me that anyone can dip their hands into it. By the same token, you should read my comments about baristas who grab a dime from the tip jar to cover a personal cup discount (see my blog post on the personal cup) – That’s equally as bad. The customer usually wants to feel “counted” and see the discount on the receipt because usually the personal cup people aren’t really motivated by one dime. Usually.


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