December 7, 2009 at 1:40 AM (Musings) (, )

Usually I’m all about the Christmas cheer, but for whatever reason, it’s been lacking this year.  We’ve got the decorations up in the apartment, and we all know that the department stores have been in the spirit since Halloween.  I have two, perhaps even three Christmas parties this week, and every time I go to Faneuil Hall for lunch, I see this beautiful monstrosity of a Christmas tree.

Faneuil Hall Christmas tree Boston

That, combined with the street performers and the Christmas songs coming from every store’s doorway and the veterans with their Santa hats and bells asking for donations outside of MBTA stations serve as constant reminders of how hopped up on eggnogStarbucks holiday red cups I should be by now (oh, and of course we can’t forget the omnipresent red cups at Starbucks).  For goodness’ sake, it even snowed last night!

So what’s missing?  I thought that my first Christmas that didn’t include the stress of classes and final exams would have allowed for even more holiday giddiness, but I suppose I was wrong.  While the threat of semester’s end is gone, so are most of the friends with whom I spent most of my last four yuletide seasons, and with my grandfather being ill, being home will probably never be the same again (and with my current work schedule, it’s tricky to score more than 36 hours back home at a time, anyway).  “Scroogin'” is definitely an exaggeration for this post, because I’m most certainly not bitter about the time of year.  I love Christmas, and I’m just bummed that I’m not feeling it this year.

I have a fantastic internship with one helluva firm, and I know that I’m privileged to have even one paycheck right now, never mind two,  but admittedly, my life is still probably the most unsettled it’s ever been, and I think that may be detracting from my would-be cheer.  I’m so used to this time of year being a particular way, with a certain atmosphere, but nothing in life is static, I guess.

During some research for holiday stress relief tactics for a client, I came across several articles that warned against trying too hard to keep every single tradition; in some cases, it may be better to try something new.  Perhaps I’m waiting for things to be the way they’ve been before when, due to silly little details like Time, it’s impossible for them to be that way again.  That doesn’t mean the spirit of Christmas is a thing of the past, though.  It is simply in a period of evolution.  I just have to be a little more open-minded and proactive this year in my search for holiday glee.  Or at least good spirits.

Today’s Tunes
Remembering Christmas, David Benoit
A Charlie Brown Christmas, Vince Guaraldi Trio
“Mad Russian’s Christmas (Instrumental),” Trans-Siberian Orchestra
“Good King Joy,” Trans-Siberian Orchestra
“Ornament,” Trans-Siberian Orchestra


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