Blogs from the Oasis: Day 2 – At Sea

March 7, 2010 at 9:31 AM (Happenings) (, , , , )

Lesson #1: On the world’s largest cruise ship, one drink demolishes your ability to walk in a straight line.  Let’s not talk about the four I had last night.

But seriously, this boat is bookin’, and as a result, rockin’.  And by “bookin’,” I mean “zipping along at 16mph,” which I hear is fast for a ship.  St. Thomas is a ways away from Ft. Lauderdale: we have two days at sea before we reach our first port of call.  This is my eighth cruise (and we’re back to hating our author, I see . . .) and not once do I recall two days at sea off the bat.

Not that I’ve any qualms, though.  There is so much to this ship that I doubt I’ll know my way around before it’s time to go home.  Despite being awake since 3.30 yesterday morning to catch my 6.05 early flight to Ft. Lauderdale, I did have a smidgen of energy left in the afternoon to explore a bit.  Can you guess what I found?

royal caribbean carousel boardwalk oasis of the seas

A carousel. A [expletive deleted]ing carousel.

It was in the Boardwalk neighborhood (yes, neighborhoods).  With the Johnny Rockets.  And the candy shop.  And the doughnut shop.  And the dollar-operated fortune-telling Zoltar.  Oh right, and the aqua theatre.

Ladies and gentlemen, the above mentioned was all located in one meager portion of the ship.  In addition, Oasis sports its own Central Park, gym and spa, minigolf course, zipline, comedy club, ice skating rink, solarium, casino, God knows how many bars, almost as many dining venues . . .

Like I said, I don’t know if I can cover it all in one vacation!


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  1. Rob said,

    Make sure you enjoy the actual destinations too! What are the ports of call?

    I got to go on a Royal Caribbean cruise last year. It was amazing. I’d love to hear about yours when you’re back.

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