The Boston Water Crisis of ’10 . . . Just Ducky

May 2, 2010 at 4:21 PM (Happenings) (, , )

I went back to Connecticut this past Friday to enjoy a night out with my parents (go Brian Regan!) and returned yesterday.  If only we’d bother to check the news for local crises in Beantown before we’d left: I would have remained in CT for another day.

During the last 45 minutes of our drive back to Boston, we tuned into local radio.  Not once did we hear anything about the water main break.  It wasn’t until we sat down for dinner at Atlantic Fish Co. on Boylston when we learned of the city’s state:

“Hi, my name is Brandon.  I’m going to be your server and start things off a little differently tonight by apologising: due to a water main break, I cannot offer you any water.”

Oh.  Peachy.

Even then, we couldn’t quite grasp the magnitude of this issue.  We ate dinner water-free taking solace in knowing that Starbucks was two doors down and we could buy a bottle there.  After buying our one bottle, Mom offered to buy some bottled water at my local Star Market when we got to my apartment.  Dad only laughed, confident that the shelves would be empty by the time we got there.  Unfortunately, he was right.

Customers in Star weren’t hysterical, but they were pretty anxious, hunting down stray bottles of Poland Springs and crowding every available check-out line.  Facing a dark ride home, the parentals and I decided it wasn’t worth it, turned around and left.

Eager to find out more about this inconvenient scenario, I went to the Globe Online, expecting the story to dominate the Breaking News page.  Only there was nothing.  Folks, this is kind of a big deal, and you don’t have anyone covering this hour-by-hour?  There wasn’t even a prominent link.  My next stop was the parent page,, where I gathered a little more information.  In fact, here’s the video they have – on the home page:

Good times, right?  The Globe did feature the story on its front page this morning, but overall, I’m a little disappointed in information distribution.  What if my parents and I just went straight back to my apartment and didn’t go out?  I don’t have cable.  I didn’t see anything on Twitter aside from “Boil Water” as a trending topic (I really should get cracking on my lists . . .).  The Globe claimed that BPD had driven through streets using bullhorns to spread the word and that pamphlets had been distributed to public housing venues.  I live near Boston University’s campus and heard no announcement nor received any pamphlet.

Granted, I don’t think a drink or two of the reserve water is going to kill us, but what if it could?  Just a thought.

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