A Letter? How Quaint – Yet Effective

May 4, 2010 at 8:18 PM (Happenings, Musings) (, , )

While I was home this past weekend, something in the mail caught my eye – and no, it wasn’t the possibility that I may have already won $10,000.  It was a letter.

Who writes letters [in my age group] any more??Zits Jeremy letter Jerry Scott Jim Borgman

It was from a young woman who currently attends my former high school as a senior.  She and the rest of her Women’s Studies class were writing letters to the ladies of my graduating class.

The author of my letter told me a little about herself and asked me to share about my experiences at Canterbury and how it has influenced the character that is blogging at this moment (okay, she doesn’t know I blog, but she asked about who I am now, and “blogger” would definitely go into that description).  Given the mail I typically receive – bank statements, bills, direct mail advertising, requests to donate to all kinds of organisations, etc. – it was a breath of fresh air to receive a letter just saying an eloquent “hello.”  At the same time, I had no qualms about my attention being drawn back to my time at Canterbury.  After all, it was where I kind of sort of decided I wanted to go into public relations, where I began swimming, and where I fell in love with the performing arts.

I would have loved to have written a full response to this young woman, but my handwriting is so atrocious that a brief thank-you note and the promise of a lengthier E-mail would have to suffice.  That said, I’d best wrap up this post to get cracking on that E-mail.

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