Re: “Real Men Drink Rosé,” via The Second Glass

May 15, 2010 at 7:48 PM (Happenings, Miscellaneous) (, , , )

For those of you who don’t judge a wine by its colour (like you folks who refuse to drink rosés, for instance), the Second Glass has a treat this weekend: 2009 Charles and Charles Rosé.Charles Rose wine second glass best cellars While I do love drinking wine, my wine terminology is pretty lacking, so I’m going to steal their description from the weekly newsletter:

Columbia Valley, Washington State – $14

Who says real men don’t drink rose? And for the record, we’re not talking about that syrupy sweet bastardization of wine called “white zinfandel.” Made from red grapes that only see minimum contact with the skins (which is what gives red wine it’s color) this bone dry wine tastes of the freshest fruit.

So what if rose is currently getting more press than all of Brad and Angelina’s baby’s combined? It’s still our go-to drink for any warm summer evening. And it doesn’t get much better than this wine, made by two of the biggest badasses in the wine industry, Charles Smith and Charles Bieler.

Coming from the Columbia Valley in Washington State, the Charles and Charles Rose assails your nostrils with the smell of ultra fresh strawberries and raspberries. It goes down dry, crisp and dangerously easy. Bring a bottle to beach house, drink too much of this while sitting on your stoop, and sip on it all Saturday afternoon while laying lazily in the grass with your summer fling. It’s time to get serious about your summer drinking so stock up on one of the best roses of the year.

Drink liberally with goat cheese salad, a bowl of fruit or in place of orange juice with smoked salmon on a bagel for breakfast.

. . . That about sums it up.  So now that you have something delicious to drink this weekend, a little about Second Glass:

On the home page, Second Glass touts itself as “your source for unpretentious, baller wine info,” and I’m glad to have such a source.  Every Thursday or so, SG’s weekly newsletter features a wine of the weekend that’s pretty darned tasty and won’t empty the wallet.  It also puts together all kinds of lovely events such as Wine Riot and wine crash courses which not only tell about these tasty sips, but provide said sips for attendees.

best cellars logo boston wine

Along with sharing weekend delights, SG also provides venues that feature each wine of the weekend.  Charles and Charles just so happens to be available at my favourite wine shop, Best Cellars.  The folks at BC offer over 100 wines under $15 (!!) and free wine tastings.  Every.  Day.  Similar to SG, BC believes that wine can be delicious and not pompous or expensive.  Be sure to check them out on Boylston Street.


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