Lunch at The Whiskey Priest

June 29, 2010 at 1:23 AM (Happenings) (, , , , )

As I mentioned ever so briefly in my last post, I had a pretty good first day at Porter Novelli.  Lunch definitely didn’t hurt, either.

A couple of colleagues invited me out for lunch.  They of course had to twist this amateur foodie’s arm to get a “yes.”  Mostly unfamiliar with the area’s culinary geography, I left our dining destination to them.  Famished and none too picky, we made our way over to The Whiskey Priest, an Irish restaurant and bar featuring upscale gastro pub fare.  To cut to the end of this story, we all left very full, and equally happy.  But what good is an ending without a story?

whiskey priest draft beerWhile Whiskey Priest offers over 30 draft beers and even more whiskeys (can’t imagine why . . . ), my lunch dates and I limited ourselves to water.  After all, it was 1.00 P.M. on a Monday.  Although, those taps did look tempting, and I’m sure I’ll return after business hours soon.  But I digress.

We all ordered burgers.  I (and one of my colleagues) had the blarney burger: grilled Angus beef on an organic sesame brioche with Blarney cheese, Irish bacon and roasted garlic mayonnaise.  Man, talk about “just greasy enough to be freaking delicious.”  Irish bacon and Blarney cheese are foreign to me, which just make them more interesting.  And, to top it all off, the fries were pretty tasty, too.

The third member of our party ordered a veggie burger (black bean Chipotle on organic sesame brioche, roasted peppers and provolone), and I can’t lie: as a borderline carnivore, even I thought it looked pretty palatable.  Perhaps one day I’ll try it myself.  Highly unlikely, but not impossible.

Final verdict: I’ll be back.  Most definitely to try out those taps, but probably for lunch, too.

Tonight’s Tunes
Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd
August and Everything After, Counting Crows


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