Learn to Ballroom Dance without Slaughtering Your Wallet

January 9, 2011 at 9:05 PM (Dance) (, , )

I’m going to start this off with a disclaimer: Vladimyr Derisier is a friend of mine, and we both performed on the RLJ Formation Team back in days of dance yore.  That said, I still think this is a pretty good deal.

It all started when a friend of mine sent me a link to the latest CBS Boston Deal, saying “These names looked familiar, thought you may know them.”  It was a coupon for three private ballroom dance lessons for $90.00.  Sure enough, I did recognise the names, and quite well.  I knew Lilia through the dance realm, and I was so close with Vlad that I dragged him to a holiday party as my date once (Thanks, Vlad!).Vladimyr Derisier Lindsay Norton ballroom dance rhythm Giddy about the deal simply because I knew the people associated with it, I messaged Vlad to call him a coupon.  Once we established that I did not have Turrets Syndrome and briefly caught up, he asked me a small favour to “wag my tongue” about a new deal at his studio.  Commence shameless plug!

In addition to their CBS deal, Ballroom in Boston is trying out a new package deal: unlimited group classes and a social pass for $40.00 a month.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the financial requirements of taking ballroom classes, allow me to crunch some numbers for you:

Group classes typically cost between $10 and $15 each (they are $10 at Ballroom in Boston).  Socials cost about the same.

If you want to be conservative and only take one class a week and two socials a month, you’re spending at least $60 a month already.

Let’s be realistic, though: dance is awesome, and you get sucked into taking three classes a week and four socials a month.  Now one week costs you $40, and at the end of the month you’re out $160.  Where did you find that money tree, and was there another one??

Okay, so now let’s go above and beyond: Ballroom in Boston offers 16 classes a week (give or take), and you love them ALL, and of course you have to show off your moves every week at the social. That’s $170 per week, and $680 per month.  Perhaps I should have looked into a career in brain surgery.

But wait!  What do you mean you can save $660 and still take all those classes!?  Now go ahead and tell me a $40.00 unlimited pass isn’t an excellent purchase decision.

Today’s Tunes
“Careful Where You Stand,” Coldplay
“Lover Lay Down,” Dave Matthews Band
“King of Pain,” Alanis Morissette


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