This Poo Has Gone Too Far: “Angry Turds”?

January 30, 2011 at 12:01 AM (Musings) (, , , )

I think we all share a similar thought when it comes to Angry Birds: possibly one of the best time-wasters of our iGeneration.Angry Birds: Come on, who doesn't love a game that involves breaking everything in sight and taking out grotesquely obese pigs? I think we also all share a similar thought when it comes to monkeys throwing their own excrement (among other things): immaturely hilarious. In math class I learned that a positive plus another positive equals another positive, so why does the love child of Angry Birds and monkeys unrestrained by civil convention of society seem like such a horrendous idea?  I am talking, of course, of the newest app trying to score a coattail-ride, which TechCrunch describes as Angry Birds with more poop in it.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, your prayers have been answered: Apps Genius has launched Angry Turds.

Look! It's Angry Birds, only with monkeys throwing poo. Really, people?

In this game, you’re a monkey, and evil explorers have kidnapped your baby monkeys.  How do you save your young?  With whatever you can get your little monkey hands on . . . like poo.  Wonder where this app came from?  Me too.  TechCrunch asked Apps Genius CEO Adam Kotkin for his two cents. As it turns out, “People are into the whole poop thing. When you speak with a 12 year old you realize that they know more than the rest of us … It’s fun to throw poop around. Poop sells.”

Okay, so I wasn’t an advertising major, but given that people confuse ad folks with PR folks often enough, we did cover some basics of our sister industry in my classes.  You know what I was told sells?  Sex.  You know what I was told leads the news?  Whatever bleeds.  You know what apparently makes a box office hit as a result of someone who knows those two tidbits of information?  Vampires.  Not once did any of my professors or ad friends mention fecal matter.  Maybe I needed to know a secret handshake or something. Who knows?

Tonight’s Tunes
“The Time (The Dirty Bit),” Black Eyed Peas
“Grenade,” Bruno Mars
“Put It in a Love Song,” Alicia Keys

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