Monitoring Facebook Relationship Statuses: Update

February 28, 2011 at 3:21 AM (Musings) (, , , )

Good news: Facebook Breakup Notifier has been shut down!  Bad news: a creepier one has taken its place.

WaitingRoom is even more straightforward than the Breakup Notifier: select your crush who is, again, sadly spoken for. WaitingRoom sends that person a note saying he or she has an admirer . . . you know, in case that person was having second thoughts about the current relationship and just needed encouragement.  In the event that said crush ends things, 48 hours later, he or she will find out the identity of the admirer(s).  Oh, and the crush doesn’t need the app to receive the notifications.

Again: gross!  As one of my friends had responded to Breakup Notifier, “If you want to creep, you have to work at it.”  This is subtle home-wrecking, and generally unsettling.  Even if you were into this, suppose you get your WaitingRoom note that someone thinks you’re awesome.  You go ahead and cut the cord, expecting it to be that smoking hot guy/gal you met at your friend’s party, only to find that it’s that creepy individual who always manages to find you at networking events.  Serves you right . . . ?



  1. Nathan Marcello Rotunda said,

    I’m not sure why any of these notifiers exist. God forbid you talk to someone you like in real life enough to know that they are single or not.

  2. It Was Only a Matter of Time: Say Hello to Bang With Friends | RaceTalk PR and Social Media Blog said,

    […] Admittedly Bang With Friends is the most explicit. And maybe the most enabling – after all, how many people do you add on Facebook at least partially because you find them attractive? For those of you who remember Facebook when it was still limited to colleges and universities, didn’t you add almost all 600 people who lived in your dorm because “they seem nice,” even though you’d never met them in person? On that note, what will Bang With Friends do to STD occurrences on college campuses? Finally, is this more or less creepy than waiting for your friends to break up with their significant others so that you can hit on them? […]

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