Would You Visit Another Earth?

August 15, 2011 at 12:32 AM (Musings, Uncategorized) (, )

I recently did something very out of character: I saw an independent film. In case you don’t know me in real life, I tend to prefer my cinematic entertainment with a dash of defecation humour, or at the most culturally elite, witty back-and-forth with accents (and in that, oh, so rare best of both worlds, there’s both). Another Earth, directed by Mike Cahill, featured neither nor.

P.S. – While I won’t spoil the ending, I may mention some stuff not included in the trailer. You’ve been warned.

I’m no movie critic so I won’t waste your time with my moviegoer’s review (but I will say it was nice seeing a film for the first time in ages where I not only didn’t know how it would end, but I also had no idea what to expect next, in most cases). That said, Another Earth – and admittedly, the friend whose idea it was to go see it in the first place – made me think. If a planet similar to our own was discovered, and what’s more (and for me, too unbelievably), with what seem to be carbon-copies of ourselves leading similar lives there, would you go and meet yourself? At first, I thought not before anyone else went. While being a guinea pig can be glorious, it’s due in part to all the risks that accompany pigdom. What would you do if you met yourself? It could be cool and you might make out with yourself. Or it could be uncool and you freak out and murder yourself. Or, yourself murders you – either would be a bit of a bummer.

After a bit more consideration, however, I was a little less hesitant, figuring that the worst outcomes of such a journey would be the result of space travel itself – you know, the aircraft blowing up and whatnot. If we were going with the premise of the movie, the idea that this other earth was identical in every aspect of our own, including populace, I admit I think I’d be pretty stoked to meet myself. After all, not everyone gets all my stupid jokes. It’d be interesting to have a like-minded critic. More seriously, the idea of being able to talk to someone who has gone through exactly the same experiences you have (good and bad), and to be able to communicate via a similar wavelength of understanding, communication and interpretation, must be nothing shy of incredible. So, if I can be guaranteed that my mode of transportation won’t combust or otherwise tragically malfunction, yes, I would add my name to the sign-up list to visit Earth 2.


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