Reblog: Honor Your Civic Duty and Vote… for SXSW ’12

August 31, 2011 at 2:29 PM (Events, work) (, , , , , , , , , , , , )

I originally published this on my agency’s blog, RaceTalk. It’s a great event though and I have a few clients with hats in the ring, so I’m re-blogging it here. Voting closes in a couple days, so get crackin’!

It’s that time of year, again: where the SXSW Interactive 2012 PanelPicker is open for public voting! For those of you who are already versed in the innovative, educational treasure trove that is SXSW, I don’t think I need to expound any further. For the rest of you, read on:

“The 19th annual SXSW® Interactive Festival challenges you to envision the future of innovative technology. Featuring five days of compelling presentations from the brightest minds in emerging media and scores of exciting networking events hosted by industry leaders, SXSW Interactive offers an unbeatable line up of special programs showcasing the best new websites, digital projects, wireless applications, video games and startup ideas the community has to offer. From hands-on training to big-picture analysis, SXSW Interactive has become the place to preview of what is unfolding in the world of creative technology.” – SXSWi’s “About” page

One of the really cool parts about SXSW (you know, aside from all that exposure to cutting edge media and tech mentioned above) is the crowd-sourced component of the event’s sessions via the site’s PanelPicker. Last week, public voting opened for over 3600 very strong speaking proposals. Public voting will factor into the selection of a privileged 500 or so for the show itself. That’s right: YOU have a say in who makes it to the agenda. What better incentive to attend is there? Voting ends 11:59 p.m. CDT on Friday, September 2, so hurry up and add your two cents.

Of note, your friends at Racepoint Group and Digital Influence Group have thrown a couple hats into the ring. Check out the sessions below and if you like them, feel free to vote (and encourage your friends to do so, too).

Global Connection: Smartphones Need Green Servers
Speaker(s) from: ARM

Drugs, Milk & Money: Social & Regulated Industries
Speaker(s) from: Digital Influence Group

Facilitating Communication Between Devices
Speaker(s) from: Marvell

Brands, Social Intelligence, Consumer Revolution
Speaker(s) from: Networked Insights

2000 “Likes” Won’t Save Your Job: Real Social ROI
Speaker(s) from: Networked Insights

Are you ready for Semantic Analysis?
Speaker(s) from: Networked Insights

Brands with Benefits: Hooking up With Good Deals
Speaker(s) from: Aegis Media, BuyWithMe, Clovr Media, Modiv Media

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