Stuff About Me

Yours, TrulyMy name is Brittany M. Falconer, and I’ve come a long way since starting this blog back in 2008.  Between then and now, I’ve acquired a degree AND a full-time job in said degree’s field of study. Yes, I’m mildly surprised, as well.

I joined Racepoint Group in September 2010 as an eager-to-please, not-too-recent graduate to work in both the tech and healthcare spaces. Not only are my clients and work environment fairly cool, but I’m also doing alright over there, having scored coverage in an assortment of trade and business publications. A little while and some experience later, I’m still there, doing, you know, PR things.

I think that about sums it up for my professional life – wasn’t it riveting? That said, this is a personal blog, so let’s delve into my personal life a smidgen. Originally from a small town in New England, I’ve come to enjoy living in a city with traffic lights and liquor licenses. In May 2009, I graduated from Boston University‘s College of Communication, sporting a degree in Communication, concentrating in Public Relations, and I think Mom still can’t quite believe that I made it out in four years (to be honest, I really can’t, either).

RLJ Formation, ballroom dancersDuring my time at BU, I underwent a non-invasive procedure to remove my second left foot, commonly known as ballroom dancing. I got pretty into it, competing in both Latin and ballroom styles, and eventually even joining a formation team. We had a pretty good shindig and performed throughout the northeast. Eventually we all moved onward and upward in our own directions, and I haven’t really gotten a whole bunch of dancing in since then. I keep telling myself I’ll get back into it, but we’ll see where I end up in a few years or so. In the meantime, I’m kind of sort of taking up running to balance out my affinity for many things edible and drinkable. The going is slow, as I have serious commitment issues when it comes to physical fitness.

I’m trying to keep the blog a bit more PR-relevant these days, but that won’t stop me from throwing in a blog post or several about other things I find interesting, such as restaurants, vacations with my family (often on a cruise ship), random happenings in my life and the perhaps even more random babble that dominates a good portion of my brain space.



  1. Angela Leeds said,

    Well, hello m’dear snarky dancer-friend! 🙂

    Now I found *your* blog on a Google search using my name… that was a surprise! *grin*

    Very nice blog you have! I see you have my little personal wordpress blog on our blogroll, which I’ve been neglecting while I get all my professional blogs up. If I don’t go back and start updating it, I’m going to have to start hanging my head in shame.

    Keep up the great work, here!

  2. Your favorite Bartender said,

    Are you still at the Fish?


    • Brittany Falconer said,

      Nope – I exercise SOME semblance of responsibility on school nights. When are you there next?

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