Stuff About My Blog

My blog is not sanctioned by anyone.  It’s about whatever I feel like writing about.

After two years of “suggestions” from various PR professionals to keep a blog, I finally decided to take a whack at one in the summer of 2008, mostly to exercise my informal writing muscles (I’m not ruling “maintaining corporate blog” out of my future job description).  As it turns out, I kind of like it.

Currently, this is my only blog, and since I can’t stay focused on just one thing at a time, the material may vary a bit, although I am noticing that I’m writing more and more about my saga, the Job Hunt.  I do believe that I can learn from all of my experiences, so I try to wrap up posts with at least one newly gleaned tidbit of knowledge.  That’s probably the one trend in the blog.  It’s pretty safe to guess that most posts will involve dancing, food, and/ or general goings-on in my life to some degree or other.  After all, that’s what’s likely to interest me; your chances of finding any posts pertaining to applied physics are pretty slim.

That said, because this blog is my starting blog for potential future, more specialised, professional blogs, constructive feedback would be awesome.  Feel free to comment on any post.


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  1. tweetingaway said,

    Excellent writting skills ! You go girl !

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