A Year (And Change) Older

August 21, 2010 at 11:48 PM (Happenings, Musings) (, , )

My birthday was earlier this week, and I am pleased to announce that no one sang that horrendous song to me in public (that’s not to say people didn’t try, though).  That said, it was a wonderful few days of celebration – except the part where the Red Sox got their rear ends handed to them.  By Toronto.  Really, guys?

A lady never discloses her age, but I will say I’ve re-entered the realm of prime numbers as a twenty-something.  That said, when several of my elder friends have celebrated this same year, I heard one particular complaint many a time: “Oh my God: I’m so old!

. . . Seriously?  In your twenties, you’re complaining about being old?  In an age when when we’re finishing school, getting married, settling down and starting families later and later in lives, we feel old in our twenties?  When we typically have a solid 60 years remaining?  Where was I for this?

After hearing this for the third or fourth time, I swore to myself that when my same birthday rolled around, I would not consider myself old, and suffice to say, I succeeded.  As a college graduate still running the internship gamut, still moving at least once a year and still unsure of where or what I’ll be in the next five years, the absolute last word I would use to describe myself would be “old.”  Village elders, you’ll have to excuse me: this whipper-snapper still has some self-discovery to accomplish.

Tonight’s Tunes
“Mr. Jones,” Counting Crows
“Black Balloon,” Goo Goo Dolls
“Push (Acoustic),” Matchbox 20


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NYC Field Trip

January 12, 2009 at 4:58 AM (Friends, Happenings) (, , )

You may recall that I was scheduled for an NYC excursion to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  You may also recall that I had counted on learning a few things during my adventure.  Or you may have no idea what I’m talking about, and that’s okay, too.  Regardless, my original plan was to head into New York with my friend, meet up with some more friends, gallivant about Manhattan in a most inebriated fashion (I failed to mention that my friend was celebrating a 21st birthday), curl up in a hotel by the wee hours of the morning, then catch a train back to my parents’ house.

Curse you, Mother Nature.  Curse you.

Due to an abominable weather forecast that dominated the entire weekend, it looked like my safest, snow-free trip back to Boston would have to take place the following morning.  Early the following morning.  My new itinerary included taking a train back to my parents’ house to finish packing before dawn, and hitting the road back to Boston by 7.00 A.M.  Sleep didn’t seem to factor into this new equation.  However, I didn’t trouble myself with such wearisome thoughts, and instead focused on the somewhat abbreviated night of mayhem ahead.

I’m still recovering from the last few predominantly sleepless days, but I promised to share what I’d learned when I got back, so I’ll quickly address those, finish watching the Golden Globes, then go to bed.

1.) I really loathe loud, underage drunkards.  On the train into Grand Central, my friend the birthday girl and I found ourselves situated next to a pack of them.  These people were probably college sophomores on their way to their own drinking adventure in the city, and were each equipped with two Poland Springs bottles: one filled with orange juice, and the other filled with (probably cheap) vodka.  They sat no more than inches from each other, but screamed to be heard over each other anyway.  Their conversation consisted of how much information they (didn’t) memorise on their fake I.D.s, bumper stickers they’d sent each other on Facebook, and what they thought of each other when they’d first met (mostly, “I thought you were so cool,” and “I thought you were such a b****!”) . . . all at the top of their lungs.  Our ears bled for the entire hour.

2.) Ninety-nine-cent “Happy Birthday” tiaras are likely to attract perhaps undesired attention in borderline sketchy bars.  I really don’t think that this requires any elaboration.

Tonight’s Tunes
“Wait for You,” Nelly Furtado
“How Far We’ve Come,” Matchbox Twenty
“Gone Daddy Gone,” Gnarls Barkley
Time On Your Side,” Emily Jane White
“November,” Milk Inc.
“Eleanor,” Low Millions
“Postcards from Italy,” Beirut

Tonight’s Distraction
Golden Globe Awards

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