Since When Is This Appropriate?

February 11, 2009 at 6:33 AM (Musings) (, )

WARNING: Rant below!

Perhaps I was raised in a stuffy household since I value basic etiquette, but at the same time, I like to think that I’m fairly tolerant of most remarks (particularly since I usually have some snarky comments up my sleeve).  Tonight, however, someone definitely managed to thoroughly irk me.

This afternoon, I posted my planned evening whereabouts online.  An acquaintance who lived near my destination suggested meeting for dinner in the area beforehand.  Although I was already in the midst of eating my dinner, I agreed to dessert/ drinks if I made it out with enough time to spare before my appointment (I think the exact wording was “I don’t know if I can make [suggested meeting time], but I’ll keep you posted.”).  Ten minutes later, I receive the following message:

“Okay I found someone else to go to dinner with (so hah!) . . . unless they cancel at the last second, in which case I will come crawling back . . . (but otherwise, HAH!!!).”

Seriously?  I had so many issues with this.  Had I told this person that I truly didn’t think I’d be early enough for a meet-up, then of course it would have made sense to look for an alternate dinner date.  However, I was still planning on making an effort to head out ahead of schedule when I suddenly learned that I had been “replaced.”  If nothing else, this person could have 1) said something had come up and suggested rescheduling for another time, or 2) offered that maybe we should catch up when we both had more time to spare.  At the very least, asking for an estimate as to how early I could arrive would have been appropriate before essentially rescinding an offer.  Perhaps the “hah!”s were supposed to prevent any offense being taken, but you’ll have to excuse me for not buying it anyway.

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A delicious screwdriver


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