2011 New Years Resolution: Blog More

January 2, 2011 at 4:45 PM (Musings) (, )

This totally goes against what I said last night to someone about making quantifiable, easily measurable resolutions (for instance, I also plan on squeezing back into my college jeans this year).  I’m also not much of a “New Years Resolutions” gal, so it looks like 2011 is going to be a wild and wacky one for me.  Moving on . . .

WordPress Emailed me my “2010 Year in Blogging,” and considering that at the height of my blogging I was posting at least four times a week, it was pretty disappointing to have not even blogged once per week this year.  In my defense, 2010 was pretty hectic for me, but I still should have been able to make time to at least get 52 posts taking up space on the Interwebs.  I’ll target doing that this year (Hey, wait: that’s easily measurable!  Hypocrisy averted!).

While I’m thinking about it, let’s back-track a smidgen.  I think I promised an update on my progress at Racepoint a few posts ago, and of course, that never happened.  It’s been just over three months – I’m up for my quarterly review this month . . . already? – and I’m still honeymooning.  This is a particularly good thing because otherwise I would be much crankier when my alarm starts harassing me at 5.00 AM every day.

My clients are pretty nifty: I’ve two in tech and one in healthcare, and while your eyes may begin to glaze over if I begin to discuss them in detail, I love learning about their industries and working with them, especially having known absolutely nothing about any of their products prior to starting at RPG.  Try asking me about personalised knee replacements, now!  Wait, where are you going?

Today’s Tunes
“Blankest Year,” Nada Surf
“Consolation Prizes,” Phoenix
“Lake Michigan,” Rogue Wave


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And a New Chapter Begins

June 27, 2010 at 6:27 PM (Happenings, Musings) (, , )

Tomorrow, I start another – and hopefully my last – internship.  I’m cautiously optimistic: remember that strangely enjoyable interview I mentioned not too long ago?  It turns out that they really enjoyed it, too.

It’s a little strange to be starting another internship when I’ve been out of school for over a year, but I’m going in with a positive attitude.  While it will be one heckuva learning experience (and we can never stop learning, right?), both parties also understand that this lady is not going back to a college campus at the end of the summer.  Think test drive.  First impressions are telling, but not necessarily guarantees.  I’m the 16-year-old with the new driver’s permit.  They’re . . . hopefully not the Toyota.

That said, I couldn’t be more thrilled about my upcoming journey.  Wish me luck!

Today’s Tunes
“Dreaming of You,” The Coral
“Sex on Fire,” Kings of Leon
“Lollipop,” Mika
“Complicated,” Robin Thicke

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Launching Corporate Barbie Blog

April 7, 2009 at 4:47 AM (Happenings) (, , )

Perhaps an hour ago, I created another blog: The Adventures of Corporate Barbie.  Most of my posts pertaining to my job search will be documented there, but some may coexist in this blog if I think it’s particularly relevant and/ or witty.

I created the blog as my final project for my new media class, but since the purpose of the blog is to recount my experiences along the path to finding a job that I think suits me, there’s a good chance that I’ll continue to maintain it even after I complete the course.  I hope that the content will provide readers with stories of small successes, lessons learned, mild entertainment, and most importantly, encouragement.

Since the blog is from my point of view (although I may invite some guest bloggers, but we’ll see how it goes), most, if not all material will pertain to the future recent college graduates of the female persuasion – but of course all are welcome to read and comment.


Tonight’s Tunes
“Elephant,” Damien Rice
“Trouble,” Nevershoutnever!
“Hallelujah,” Rufus Wainwright

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Just Say “No.”

February 25, 2009 at 6:04 AM (Happenings) (, )

I don’t think I’ve ever turned someone down so quickly and directly.  I was closing at work, a rare occurrence for me.  Working during the regular nine-to-five hours usually spares me the nuisance of dealing with large quantities of less choice customers, but last night I was out of luck.  Our 10.00 P.M. closing time was fast-approaching, and the only people who seemed to have any interest in buying coffee were a few lads who may still have been hungover (or stoned, or in some other residual, mind-altered state) from earlier in the day.  After making their coffee purchases, they all milled around the bar, waiting for their drinks.  Suddenly I, and the activity in which I was engaged (emptying out a closet), was fascinating to these gents.  One character took particular interest in my chore, and took a stab at conversation with me.  It was cute, really: he leaned on the bar for support, slurred his words a little, and couldn’t seem to keep his eyes focused on much of anything.  I politely responded to each of his statements (okay, so maybe I was a little snarky, but I doubt he’ll ever remember me), but was thankful when my manager pulled me away from the interaction to put me to work.

Upon emerging from the depths of the storage closet, my newest fan was still hanging out at the bar.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get you in trouble or anything.”

“Don’t worry about it.  It happens.”  I focused on relocating the supplies in my arms to their appropriate shelves.  He relocated from the bar to the shelves that were receiving the majority of my attention.

“You must be really cool to hang out with.  I’d like to do that with you some time.  Would that be at all possible?”

I paused, either to process if this guy was serious or to collect myself to avoid bursting out laughing, or perhaps both.  Sir, you can’t stand independently right now.  I didn’t think I’d have to include “sober” among my standards, but now I know.  I simply shut my eyes, and shook my head: “No.”

Nothing more.

“‘No’?”  He emitted something between a grunt and a laugh before he lumbered off with the rest of his pack.  I chuckled under my breath as I went back to supply-shifting.

My manager found me in the supply closet grabbing an armful of coffee cups.  “I’m sorry if I was harsh with you before.  I wanted to make sure that guy wasn’t bothering you.  Was he bothering you?”

I looked at her and grinned.  “Not any more.”

Tonight’s Distractions
The temperature.  Yes, inside.  It’s 62 degrees in here!!

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